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Rapid Prototyping Service


We provide rapid prototyping services for customized cemented tungsten carbide parts, either blanks or precision machined, such as:

Bushings, Flanged Bushings, Diffuser Bushings, Tiles, Bearings, Seal rings, Blank and Polished Rods, Seal Facings, Nozzles, Ball and Seat Valves, Sleeves, Spacer Sleeves Flanged Sleeves, Shaft Sleeves,  Cutting Inserts, Drill Bit Inserts, Cartridge Seals, Component Seals,  Mill Rollers, Serrated Buttons Journals, Thrust Washers, Ball Bearings, Pellets, Rod Mill Rings, Carbide Slitter Knives, WC Extrusion Punches, Throats Carbide Wear Rings, Carbide Wire Mill Guide, Rollers Valve Stems, Valve Seats,  Wear Sleeves,  Chokes Shafts Plungers, Flow Restrictors, Flow Trims, Precision Ground Cylinders. 

We offer:

1. Short lead time, including fast molding and sintering process and grind-machining, as well as fast delivery.

2. Competitive pricing.

3. Superior quality with rigrous test and inspection, Design for Six Sigma process control

4. Excellent after-sales services

​Steps to make customized  tungsten carbide parts:

1. Send your detailed drawing and material grade requirement to KLT Carbide USA office in Conroe, Texas.

2. Fast quote is sent back to customer wit specified lead time

3. Customer submits purchase order based on the quotation

4. Manufacture the special part in factory and ship to Conroe, Texas.

5. Use UPS, or Federal Express to deliver the part to the customer.

This gives our customers:

1. Cemented carbide and machining capability.

2. Low-cost benefit by out-sourcing

We also offer:

1. Free samples for test run, if the customized parts are ordered in a quantity of more than 500 pieces


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